Manthan Automation

Mobile Motor Pump Starter

India is an agricultural country. Farmers are the economic backbone of this country. The Farmer works day and night to satisfy the hunger of the whole country. However, agriculture has become an unreliable business. Therefore, Farmers must cultivate by planning the abundant water they have. Because of the availability of water, there is Load shedding for hours in rural areas. Due to power outages, farmers need to stay up late at night to water their fields. Turning the Pump On at Night requires constant help and often Farmer’s need to go in groups due to fear of predators, such as Snakes, Scorpions, Monkeys, Wild Buffaloes, Leopards, etc. Each year, many Farmers are injured by wild animals, some lose their lives too. So for the safety of Bali-raja, to reduce their hardships and do smart farming, Manthan Automation has developed its own digital Mobile Motor Pump Starter technology under MAKE IN INDIA. Through this, the Farmer king and his family members will be able to control the Farm Pump at any time through calls, missed calls and messages. We are sure that this will definitely bring relief to the farmers.

Manthan GSM mobile Starter


Operate From Home

Save Motor

No Additional Cost

Save Electricity

Spend More Time with Family & Friends

Save Time

Save Money

Salient Features

SIM card slot backside of PCB

Call / Data will be used as per your Service Provider Plan

Mobile / GSM Technology, Reliable operation, Worldwide Connectivity

Suitable for single / three phase motors

Low cost, Quality, Less Maintenance and robust device

Supports motors of any HP and any capacity

Works with all models of starters

Fully programmable

Operate with all  SIM operator in your region

Visible LED indications to know the power, relay (motor on) and GSM network status

Control your Motor pump from anywhere in the world through just Call or SMS

SMS alerts for motor ON/ motor OFF. Live motor operation status available via SMS

Helps to use the existing mobile to operate the device

External antenna for better signal output

No auxiliary power supply required for controller operation

Multiple user

Can enable access to authorized users        

User based control

Easy to operate

Easy to operate

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