Manthan Automation

Automatic Water Level Controller

Manthan Automation is the manufacturer of Fully Digital Automatic pump Controller, Water level controller & GSM based Mobile Digital pump controller suitable for your Building, Society, Commercial, home and industry & in Irrigation field. Our Panels are compatible/ suitable for 1 & 3 phase motors. Our Panel continuously monitors the supply voltage, operating current of the motor & the liquid level of the overhead tank and reservoir. The Automatic Digital pump controller controls the water pump by turning it ON and OFF automatically according to the level in the water tank. This auto ON/OFF feature SAVES human power, SAVES Electricity, SAVES Water, SAVE Time and thus SAVES Money. Our Panel switches the pump ON when the level of water in the upper head tank goes below LOW level and OFF when the water exceeds the HIGH level, Hence no need to operate manually. It also has Real & cyclic time controlled feature to ON & OFF the motor.

Automatic water level controller

Manthan Fully Automatically Digital pump controller works in following sequences

Sequence – 1

Our Panel Auto Starts filling pump if  water is available in filling line and Fill the Ground Water Tank . Once the Ground Water tank is full , our panel stops filling the pump. Start & Stop of filling pump also can be controlled by programmable Real timer clock.

Sequence – 2

Once Ground Tank is full & upper head tank is below low level motor will be switched ON automatically (as per your schedule time if Real time clock is programmed & Enabled) and water will pump up from Ground Tank to Overhead / Building Terrace Tank. (If Ground Water Tank is getting empty and if  water supply is available in filling line then it will switch ON the Motor again and fill the Ground Level Water Tank also)

Sequence- 3

Once Overhead / Terrace Tank is full, our sensor will detect the level and Motor will then stop automatically

Sequence- 4 (optional)

As per your scheduled time, Overhead Tank valve will be switched ON and water will be supplied to the flats / houses.

Water Level Controller

Unique Features of Manthan Automatic Water Level Controller

Dry run protection facility

Fully digital programmable starter panel

Under/Over voltage protection

Automatic water filling & overflow features

Suitable for 3 phase & 1 phase submersible & Monoblock pumps

Automatic water presence detection in filling line & tank

Over current & short-circuit protection

Real time programmable clock

Energy efficient

Attractive keypad for user interface to program or ON & OFF the pump in Manual mode

LCD / OLed display for brighter & wide viewing angle

Panel can be customized as per customer requirement & multi motor module

High quality panel enclosure

Benefits of using Manthan Water Motor Controller







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